About Us

We are a furniture removals company with many years of experience, and we guarantee our clients the benefit of our expertise at all stages of their move.

We offer an initial consultation during which we will visit your home to assess the exact specifications of your move. Merely asking the householder to compile an inventory of all items to be moved is useful, but often details are missed that could prove to be problematic later on.

Based on our consultation we will be able to offer a prospective client comprehensive and sensible advice on all aspects of their move. We will also present them with a carefully structured quotation on the total cost of the move. Our prices are competitive and reasonable, but we will not attempt to reduce costs by cutting corners and offering a substandard service for such an important and life-altering event.

We guarantee our clients efficient and capable packing and handling of their furniture and other possessions, comprehensive advice on any packing that they wish to do themselves, and plenty of practical information on all aspects of the move. Our moving vehicles are kept clean and in good condition, and our workers are responsible and careful. We will also precisely and accurately place your furniture according to your instructions when we reach your new destination.

Call us today to set up your consultation and embark on your move with complete confidence.