Here are some questions regularly presented to us by prospective clients choosing a furniture removals company¬† –

If I have only a small amount of furniture and boxes to move, doesn’t it make more sense for me to simply move them myself with the help of friends?
Even the smallest load still requires knowledgeable and experienced hands. Indiscriminately moving valuable items such as appliances without taking special steps to secure them could result in costly damage, and even furniture items that appear too solid to damage can be irreparably soiled or chipped by inexperienced movers. So in the long run allowing professional movers to do the job makes sound economic sense and can actually save you money.

What happens if I have items that I want to keep or sell later that will not fit into my new, smaller home?
A reputable moving company will either have storage facilities of its own, or will be able to outsource your items to be stored to a trustworthy facility with which they have a working relationship. Your additional items will then be securely and carefully stored until you decide what to do with them.

What should I look for in a furniture removals company?
It is essential that the company you choose has a well-established reputation. They should present you with a reasonable, realistic quote after carefully assessing your individual needs, as well as with a sensible, detailed plan for your move. If you see their moving vans around your area, you should also take note of whether these seem clean and well maintained, rather than shabby and grubby, as this is a good indication of the standards that will be applied to the condition of your possessions while they are in the mover’s care.

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