Furniture Removals Johannesburg

There is a great deal more to moving house than just packing your possessions into boxes and then calling in the movers. Some of your most valuable possessions are also the ones most likely to be damaged or broken unless your move is handled by expert professionals such as our company, with its many years of experience.

Furniture Removals Johannesburg  are able to undertake every detail of your move with absolute confidence and attention to detail, either preparing items for removal ourselves or offering our clients comprehensive advice on getting things ready in advance of moving day.

For example, your fridge and freezer must be completely emptied before they are moved, and your freezer must be defrosted and dried out. It is a good idea to store your perishables in a family member’s fridge or freezer on the day of your move. Bottles or frozen items still inside the units could cause damage to the interiors or break open.

Your washing machine will have arrived with manufacturer’s instructions on moving it, and a front-loading machine should have come with stabiliser bolts which will have to be placed inside before it is moved, to prevent the drum being damaged by movement and requiring costly repairs.

Do you have a piano? Moving this is a very specialised procedure, as the delicate strings have to be immobilised without damaging them, and the instrument carefully carried in a blanket sling.

Many of our clients wish to move large pot-plants that they have spent years cultivating, but in inexpert hands this can be disastrous and cause a terrible mess. We can advise you on draining water out of pots well in advance of the move, and we will wrap and transport your plants safely and carefully.

Contact Furniture Removals Johannesburg for detailed information on these and many other often-overlooked details that can make all the difference to a successful move.