These are some experiences that satisfied clients have had using our furniture removals company

I recently moved house and was most impressed by the service that I received from CLAIBORNE’S FURNITURE REMOVALS. As an elderly person moving from my family home to a small flat, I felt that my move would be a very minor affair for a moving company, but I was treated as a valued and important client. The company representative who first assessed my needs assured me that my possessions and requirements were their primary concern, and they were helpful, courteous and very kind to a nervous old lady! My possessions were moved with skill and care and are now safely installed in my cosy little flat.

I had been dreading our move because even though it was wonderful to be moving into a beautiful new house, our household of two teenagers and two younger children can be totally chaotic, and as a family of six we have so many possessions. However, the people at CLAIBORNE’S FURNITURE REMOVALS were incredibly organised. An initial consultation with their experienced representative provided us with a competitively-priced quotation but also with a detailed plan concerning the move and much valuable practical information which was an enormous help to me during the days of packing and organising leading up to moving day. The result of this was that on the day the move actually proceeded without a hitch. I can hardly believe that everything arrived safely at our new home with a minimum of stress and that by evening we were established and happy with beds made, and even the teenagers were calm and contented.

I was concerned about the fate of my beautiful grandfather clock during my recent move. It is not actually particularly old and valuable but it is a family heirloom and incredibly precious to me, and I was worried about the intricate mechanism being subjected to rough handling. I need not have worried. The experienced movers from CLAIBORNE’S FURNITURE REMOVALS handled it expertly, removing the heavy weights and pendulum and wrapping them separately, and then transporting the clock in a blanket sling that kept it secure and protected. It is now chiming the hours in its new home in perfect condition. I am very grateful.

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